Ensuring the long-term viability of shrimp requires responsible management of their entire ecosystem.  We believe that by protecting that ecosystem, and by protecting the shrimp, we also protect the communities that rely upon them. With so much at stake, we take a proactive approach to fishery management, committing to sustainability through various initiatives and groups:

  1. We source our shrimp from fishermen practicing sustainable methods, operating eco-friendly vessels, and adhering to responsible fishing and harvesting practices.
  2. We are committed to educating and supporting our fishermen, requiring, and then confirming compliance, with all state and federal permits and regulations. This ongoing conversation with our fishermen also includes looking to the future, helping them understand our shared responsibility in managing and preserving the ecosystem and resource.
  3. We collaborate closely with state and federal management agencies as well as various groups and causes to foster and improve sustainable practices. Much of our cultural identity and livelihood come from these precious resources, and specifically the shrimp industry. The shrimp ecosystem and the fishermen that harvest them are proudly tied to our communities, we owe ourselves every effort we can muster to protect and improve the ecosystem we so dearly love.

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond compliance, reflecting our recognition that the success of our business, the well-being of our fishermen, the vitality of our communities, and the preservation of our heritage are interconnected and dependent on responsible stewardship.

sustainable fisheries
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