Gollott's Seafood

American. Wild Caught.
Family Pride. Quality.

C.F. Gollott & Son Seafood is a four-generation company proudly committed to a product of premium quality. Wild caught shrimp packed under our name will always be fresh and will always be 100 percent domestic. Our shrimp is harvested only from the nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico, which provides a unique flavor profile second to none. For more than 80 years, we have operated as a family-owned business built on a strong reputation of consistency, excellence and integrity — a tradition of seafood heritage that will continue to be passed down decade after decade, generation after generation.


American. Wild caught. 100 percent domestic. When you buy shrimp from C.F. Gollott & Son Seafood, this is exactly what you're going to get. We take pride in a generational company standard that our shrimp will only be harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. The taste is matchless and freshness is our priority. From God's pond to your plate, shrimp from C.F. Gollott & Son Seafood is the No. 1 quality choice for customers nationwide.